Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh to be a Woman of a Certain Age.

I am Twitterpated. I have become so enthralled by Twitter. People I have never met, people I don't know, and some I do. They inspire me, teach me, and are encouraging me to write. I have always love reading and writing and have wanted to write a book for some time now. I think I'm getting closer. My thoughts still bouncing and jumping all over the place, but I am learning how to write them all down and someday I might be able to put them all together and actually realize this vision.

One woman this week wrote the most inspiring article on becoming a "Woman of a Certain Age". It captivated me and still I ponder her writings and long to become of "That Age". I need to share some of this article with you and some of what I have been pondering. Seriously, we go through phases in our lives. We want to be older, prettier, richer, smarter, braver, skinnier, healthier, more active, etc..etc..etc.. A "Woman of a Certain Age" as described by Karen Walrond has finally figured out her own beauty and knows how to Rock It. Without the need for a push-up bra, miniskirt, stilettos, botox and the like. She has given up vanity opting instead to feeling as healthy as possible so she can do what she was put on this earth to do. Live her Life. She has confidence to say "no" when she knows that saying "yes" will make her feel like a tiny bit of her soul is dying. A woman of a certain age can make at lease one beverage or main course without the need for a written recipe. She knows the difference between a good wine and a bad one (or choose the beverage of your choice) She can quote literature, knows funny jokes both clean and dirty. This woman she describes is confident in who she is and no longer strives to become someone she isn't.

As I have been thinking on this, I have realized that I am finally figuring out who I am. I am 47 years old and until this past year I didn't know what colors I liked, really. I didn't really know what my favorite dinner was, come to find out it's watermelon. I am finding out so much about myself it's like falling down the hole in Alice and Wonderland with the White Rabbit. Sometimes, I love it, other times it frightens me. I am learning what music I like, I am very eclectic there.

I hope I can become that Woman. You know, that woman that everyone looks at and thinks, huh, there is something about her. You know, that "Woman of a Certain Age". Because I hope this just isn't another "phase" in my life. I have been through so many "phases" in my life. I really am following that white rabbit. Learning, growing, reaching, and all the while trying to keep smiling. By the way, I LOVE to smile. Sometimes, I just smile for no reason.

Yesterday was Friday, not different than other Friday really. But, I had my truck serviced, left work a little early and went to Lake Tahoe. Not to see Rascal Flatts. Not to see the Celebrity golf tournament or chase celebrities. Not to find Snoopdog. I went to sit with an old friend. We sat on the beach, ate fabulous appetizers (which is also another favorite of mine), drank "Rum Runners" and watched the sunset. We talked for hours and not about anything in particular. It was inspiring, motivating and just felt good. We then went and sat with another friend on her balcony on the water. She, her husband and her family had rented a house on the lake. We had never all met, or gotten together. Another great experience. Nothing planned and no preconceived notions. Just friends, old and new, meeting, laughing and enjoying Lake Tahoe. I recommend that everyone just take the time, sometimes, to wander. Wander off your beaten path. Go where you have never gone before. Enjoy who you are and who you are becoming. You might just fall in Love with yourself.

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