Sunday, August 29, 2010

Galatians 5:13 - Through Love Serve One Another

This verse is so true! It IS through Love that we serve one another.

This has been an incredibly busy month for me. Starting off with the Relay for Life! This was my first Relay. My sweet husband tried to Relay for 4 years. Every time, something would happen, he would be on Chemo or Radiation or sick from treatments. I walked this year in his honor. For him, in honor of him and right beside him. I walked with fellow warriors, friends and a very brave woman who also lost her husband to Cancer just 6 short months ago. Our team (Biaggini's Cancer Crusaders) raised over $1,900.00 for Cancer Research. The relay took in almost $100,000.00 with the combined efforts of all the teams and local donations. Talk about feeling good and serving one another.

It was a beautiful night. Almost no weather to speak of, with the
exception of a little wind, early in the evening. We walked in
memory of those who have lost their battle, those who continue to battle and those who are survivors. Cancer touches each one of us in some way. It might be someone we know, it might be someone we love or it just might be ourselves.

Lesson Learned - GIVE BACK! Do something. Anything. Just serve one another. Embrace the gifts you have been given, realize they are gifts, and give back. We are so powerful individually but even more powerful when we come together as a team.

All through this event I was reminded of my husband. The fight, the strength, the honor, the dreams. I will continue to serve, continue to honor him and continue to be blessed by the legacy he gave me and my children. A legacy of servitude, a legacy of strength, a legacy of hope, of courage, of support and of helping others. Inspiring and touching lives in a way that makes you feel good.
In honor of Johnny "Boots" Williams. I am still learning, serving and believing that we are still - right beside each other. I will walk this Relay for Life again. Do my part to raise money, to encourage those around me, to uplift spirits and to just be still and watch the power created by Warriors.

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